christina tran

Outlook - I like variety, yet crave stability in all aspects of my life. I'm open to new things, people, places and experiences and am very much willing and wanting to explore new adventures. I have many passions which include my insatiable desire to travel, love for museums and it's histories, enjoying a night of live music, putting pen to paper journaling my thoughts, aspirations and uncertainties and reading engaging books focused on life's ups and downs.

Good Deeds - _Diagnosed in 2002 with SLE Lupus Cerebritis, I am proud to be a spokesperson for the "Could I Have Lupus" campaign and a passionate awareness advocate to all other organizations dedicated to researching, educating and finding a cure for lupus. Also, as a stroke survivor, I am a supporter of the American Heart and Stroke Foundations._

_  I have a strong passion for philanthropy. Charities dear to me are the ASPCA for the prevention of cruelty to animals, United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) through to end global hunger, RAISE Foundation to promote awareness and prevent child abuse and Working Wardrobes, an organization devoted to help empower those in crises to confidently enter the workforce. _

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