Christine White Esq.

I am Christine White, a modern renaissance activist. Driven by a passion for culture, civic engagement and philanthropy, I breathe business strategy and bleed social change.

Baby of the Bay Area and a teen of the Atlanta suburbs, I blossomed as a political science major at the all-female historically black institution, Spelman College in Georgia during the renewed self-awareness era at the break of the new millennium. After college I founded The St. Germaine Group; marketing company that provided innovative strategies to increase brand loyalty and awareness in the urban/hip hop marketplace.

While completing my Juris Doctorate, I expanded the work of The St. Germaine Group into the non-profit sector. As a marketing consultant for traditional non-profit organizations, I became passionate about finding innovative and relevant ways to call my peers of the Hip Hop Generation (aka "Power Generation") to service, civic participation and philanthropy. With help from friends in the entertainment industry I initiated my first community organizing effort, a civic awareness project that focused on the voting rights of ex-felons in Georgia. The unique combination of civic education and hip-hop culture laid the foundation for the birth of the organization that would later be known as the Collective Renaissance Guild, (CRG). CRG successfully executes a number of groundbreaking programs that build awareness and participation of the hip-hop generation in the arts, philanthropy and social service. From intergenerational dialogues on social responsibility to community service rallies and artistic tributes to service leaders, the Collective Renaissance Guild has made unparalleled contributions to the Atlanta community and the non-profit industry.

After graduating law school, I worked as a Judicial Clerk for Judge Myra Dixon of Fulton County State Court, hearing both civil and criminal cases. Later, I joined the law firm of Register Lett LLP where I practiced corporate, non-profit and entertainment law. I then served as an Assistant District Attorney in Fulton County. I am now Managing Partner at Legal Strategy Group. In addition to managing CRG and working as an attorney, I serve as a mentor and sit on the board of Nutrition Plus Holistic Services. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my beautiful daughter Karma.