Christopher McKinney

Chris McKinney makes his living representing people in employment, debt defense, and serious personal injury cases throughout Texas. You can learn more about his law practice by visiting his law firm website. When not in court, he focuses on writing and speaking on various topics, including employment law, personal productivity, and the use of technology in the law office environment.

His writing has been carried in many fine periodicals and websites and a few of these surprisingly asked him to write another.

His primary blog, The Texas Employment Law Blog, is enjoyed by intelligent and good looking readers everywhere. It covers developments in Texas and national employment law as well as HR management issues and advice for employees and those who find themselves wrongfully unemployed. He often speaks on such topics at seminars throughout the country.

Chris has more recently begun writing and speaking about personal productivity, legal technology and mindfulness.

If you need to contact Chris, drop him an email at chrismckinneylaw[at] or call him at (210) 832-0932.