Christopher Ryan

Mind of a growth hacker, raconteur at heart.

Previously Managing Editor at Long Island Based Magazine. Likes popping culture and privilege. Some of my favorite things: context, human experience, fresh ingredients, cities, technology, magnanimity.

Skillful knowledge in publishing, writing and editing, internet, social media, and arts and entertainment to name a few.

Followed by Nein Quarterly (@NeinQuarterly), Michele Catalano (@inthefade), Mat Honan (@mat), Robert Scoble (@scobleizer), Virginia Heffernan (@page88), Darth (@darth) and Subtweet Cat (@subtweetcat), HubSpot (@HubSpot) and Marketing Cloud (@marketingcloud), The Food Network (@foodnetwork), Henry Alford (@hentryalford) and Matt Bogie (@mattbogie).

Contact Christopher about writing and editing services, web development, and media and marketing.

  • Say hello on twitter: @topherjryan.
  • Email to chris [at] topherjryan [dot] com.