Vee  Moore

Hey, thanks for stopping by to find out about me.

I am an environmental scientist/conservationist specialising in freshwater ecology and water resources management, and currently I am giving Mother Nature a helping hand in the southeast of England (West Sussex) to ensure that our countryside, wildlife populations and ecosystems are preserved for future generations.

I love working and ‘playing’ in the great outdoors, come rain or shine, and hence most of my hobbies involve getting soaked, muddy or freezing cold. Although such conditions may be unappealing to most people, I take enormous joy in leading an active, back-to-basics lifestyle.

Photography is a big part of my life; it sort of goes hand in hand with my outdoor pursuits. I also write an online field journal where I share my life journey in a 'photo story' format.

That's about it in a miniscule nutshell, so if you'd like to keep in touch drop me an email or follow me on social media. À bientôt, my friends!