Clint Woolly

Kia ora from Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Content like water is flexible, quenching, life giving and if you're not careful cause a flood. I love content like I love water. I love how it feels, the many ways you can manipulate it and utilise it.

Outside of work, I web admin, do graphic & web design and consult on social media, website revamps for not-for-profits like Rainbow Youth & I 'run' PNGNZ. >>> I'm a social media sponge, with a klout score of 62 ish (fluctuates depending on how matrix I am). >>> I also write articles (gig, show, movie reviews, write-ups etc.) for Maccauley + Maestro.

And I'm currently President of the Auckland Wantoks Association - the Papua New Guineans, friends and family, community social and support group in Auckland.

Malaysia is my food mecca! Just saying.