Clyde Erwin Barretto

Formerly a music publicist and now a social media + project manager for a small web start-up within the plastics industry, Clyde Erwin Barretto is as scattered as they come. He recently returned to school to pursue a degree in Childhood Education (with goals to work in Special Ed.). And while he does that, he writes about music, film, and entertainment (for Prefix Mag, Indie Shuffle, Anthem Magazine). He obsessively goes to the gym, is hoping to compete in amateur boxing, possibly running a few marathons. He’s also trying to finish some film script ideas he had started many moons ago. In his free time he started a series of paintings titled "PYT." How long until he's happy with how they are turning out? The world may never find out. He still gets in music projects in the form of a tiny record label he had started, picking up freelance publicity projects, and still organizes a music event called New York City Popfest. He loves cinema, Asian food, thinks cats are better than dogs because they have goofy personalities. He believes he dances better than most people and wastes a lot of time watching dance choreography on YouTube. His urge to dance never ends. He likes things that are flat and have straight lines.