Christy Morrell-Stinson

My husband, Erl, and I founded Stellar Impact Foundation as a public charity to advance the timeless and pervasive ethic of stewardship.

Better said... we believe everyday people like you can make an extraordinary impact on the world you care about, by increasing your own capacity for greatness, and by engaging others with common passion.

This translates into helping our members launching cataylst projects that achieve results across five layers of stewardship development:

  1. Compassionate Awareness
  2. Effective Living
  3. Entrepreneurial Thinking
  4. Active Social Good
  5. Inspirational Leadership


About Me: I enjoy training & coaching adults and youth in leadership, collaboration, and entrepreneurial skills.

I am particularly interested in social enterprise as a model to improve capitalism and allow even the "least" in society to participate in creating beauty & wealth. In my local community, I partner with Ricker Accounting to provide services to startups, small businesses, and families across Four Economic Touchpoints (tm): CREDIT, BANKING, BUDGET AND TAX. Ricker provides CFO and Controller outsourced services as well as strategic tax planning and filing.


Stellar Impact International provides training and coaching certification standards and ethics. Sii integrates *deep mind dynamics* with the prime ethic of stewardship to unleash greater significance in people and the communities they build.

google voice 612-321-8753

photo credit: Chris Schoenbohm