C. Nzingha Smith

As an Author, Poet and Love Ambassador, I’m passionate about re-educating individuals in love and promoting healthy love practices. My writing and books focus on love as a verb, an action that requires readers to not only feel love as an emotion, but to also experience the act of loving in new and rediscovered ways. "My hope is to remind people how to release the love they desperately desire to share, by providing creative, off-beat, and intimate ways they can do this as often as possible.” I write articles on; love, relationships, lifestyle topics, and pop culture. My book titles include: Lust Have Recipes, Aphrodisiac Cookbook (Featured on CNN, Huffington Post, AOL Black Voices, iVillage), InstaLove, 7 Love Principles Taken from Social Media (Winter 2013), and UnRaveled, A Memoir (August 2014).

As a Certified Copy Editor and Principal at SNC2 INK, The Clean Copy Agency, I solve broken communication problems for a living. I utilize my linguistic skills and innovative writing techniques for the purposes of creating consistent written content for client use; over the web, in print publications, and for crafting effective written marketing materials. Clients receive a unique innovative voice that speaks to their target audiences, resulting in increased visibility for their products and/or services, consistent brand messaging across their multiple platforms and increased target audience engagement. As a copy editor my goal is to maintain; clarity, coherence, correctness and consistency across all written materials I edit. "Right communication changes everything. Change your words. Change your life." ~C. Nzingha Smith