Colin Lake

Three best things ever of all time: music, Joss          Most people who read this will already know

Whedon, and the Internet. Nuff said.                          who I am. If you somehow stumbled on here

                                                                                                 and you don't know who I am then let me

I want to be in a band. I think it would be                help you out. :) Music is by far my favorite

really cool to write music on put it on Rock             thing ever. My drumset and my Zune are

Band Network. And I think it would be great          like my children. If I go somewhere I always

to work at Harmonix. It always sounds                   have to bring my Zune with me. And I hate

like they're having tons of fun there. :)                      when I don't have time to play my drums.

I'm in high school right now so I don't really          You should definitely check me out on my

have anything alse to say about myself.                 accounts linked below. You'll have fun, trust

                                                                                                me. :D