Colin Michael

For millions of years (inside joke) I've been a computer geek. I started programming at 16 on the early Apple ][+ and Atari 800 personal computers. At 19 I worked with mainframes for the U.S. Navy. Later I worked with direct data acquisition and presentation at the Maine Yankee nuke plant. As the Web grew up I became a Java programmer, then Internet application developer, then XSLT programmer, then PHP and SQL developer. Eventually I melded my data and programming skills into the deeply interesting field of business intelligence (BI), which has led me to my current position in a Kentucky suburb of Cincinnati.

In 2012, I relocated my family from Dresden, Maine to Hebron, Kentucky, but everyone was onboard with the move and all have been adapting well. We're plain folk who go to church on Sunday and enjoy BBN Radio, Period Drama, and Jack Holcomb.

Mostly I enjoy a quiet life, building miniature furniture or wrenching on my old Jag. Other times I get on my soapbox with my railings against compulsive government schooling.