Collin Joseph Neal

Growing up with dinosaurs

At 7 years old my world was rocked, "Jurassic Park" came out in the theatres! Still back in the era of drive- in movies, and my folks Dodge caravan supplied the viewing platform. What a ride... A big screen that took my imaginative dreams of the creatures I loved and made them come to life! Because of this love for dinosaurs so much my grandparents took me on a dinosaur dig in Canada for the full experience in person. At that point I was sure it was written in the sand that I'd become a paleontologist.

Jumping a few years forward I became involved in our city's best film organization for area high schools and began to see the big picture of how things went from the pen on paper to the silver screen. Again, my world exploded with visions of what to come. Now as a grown man, married and a father, my world revolves around film. Checkout the extensive experience in video/text format below and education in this industry that I love.

You see I am the guy that will always think out of the box, be diligent in my works, and bring to you not just my great work ethic but also my passion.