Collin Joseph Neal

Collin was born in Pendleton, Oregon on July 5th 1985. Born into the
farm life he had a lot of changes coming along the way with moving from
city to city until finally settling in Spokane, Washington for his
years growing up.

Throughout his years growing from a boy into a young man Collin came
across a Production company, run completely by students at his
HighSchool in the year 2002. Viable Vision Video Productions opened up
his world into new leaps and bounds. Taking him through editing,
producing, directing, and writing for the screen.

After moving to Seattle, WA in 2008 and attending Seattle Film
Institute, he developed his company Faith vs Fate Productions with his
wife Erin Neal. Now several years into the company, short films, webseries,
corporate videos and their first feature in the whole they are on their way
together with their first child, and collaborating in filmmaking and
media production, making their dreams a reality.

With years of experience, determination, and keeping the faith each day
he continues to push for excellence on each project that he collaborates on.