Cookie & Crumb

Hey Folks!

De'Ana (Cookie) & Luke (Crumb) here to spill some beans about who we are and our purpose.

For the introduction, we are partners going on 8 + years of loving each other. We are orginally from the states of Mississppi and Louisiana but currenlty reside in Fort Worth, Texas with our kidpets, Miley, Diesel, and Shirbit.

We truly find happiness in helping others through motivation and inspiration. Our family & friends constantly look to us for advice and encouragement with thier life situations and journeys. So sharing our testimonies of love, relationships and health never stops. We realize that sharing parts of us creates an uplifting feeling for both parites. So we decided that maybe oher human beings could use a little dose of good stuff to!

TA DAA! Well here it is...

With our blog we want to share all of these things with you. We are here to inspire, encourage, and motivate you with our testimonies, lessons, and information. So dig into the sweet things and life with Cookie & Crumb.