Christopher Rollyson
  • For 30 years, I've helped executives make their firms or agencies stronger by leveraging disruptive technology ahead of their rivals.
  • I founded CSRA in 2006 to advise commercial, nonprofit & government enterprises work on experiential social media and social business (social networking//Web 3.0) strategy and execution.
  • CSRA enables conservative yet ambitious firms to outperform by avoiding mistakes since we identify and correct for risks before they happen. After we identify the optimal social venues in which firms can best interact with the people they care about, we mentor them in how to interact authentically yet efficiently, so people trust them more. This improves their market position and business.
  • CSRA's main path to market is the Chief Digital Office, and our proprietary methodology is the Social Network Roadmap(SM). Get the latest thought leadership at our main Web presence.
  • My new book, The Social Channel, is imminent. It advises CEOs, CDOs, CMOs, policy leaders, professors, professionals, students, parents and "retirees" on how social technologies are changing society, politics and economy worldwide—and how they can use these developments to improve their firms and careers.