Cyndi Hunter

My biz in a nutshell: I develop strategies to give companies a strong online presence. The result: powerful and credible word-of-mouth advertising.

My life in a nutshell: Raised in the country, played in the mud, caught frogs, rode my bicycle, had fun. Moved to a small city, cruised in a Chevette, kept thrift stores and vintage alive, lived for adventure and lattes. Moved throughout the province, camped in the prettiest places, paved roads, met fab locals, saw BC's gems. Traveled the world, tasted and saw all I could (even a hot-roasted cockroach), adored it. Studied at Uni, soaked in all I could, pranked like crazy, planned kooky events, brought the locals together. Moved to the big city, live in a pretty attic, cruise in my Beetle, teleport to 10 places at once, have way too much fun. I am addicted to life.

My passions: 

People - making them feel loved and part of a community

Business / Marketing - helping business owners to be seen and to succeed

Community Management - engaging with online communities to inspire brand loyalty 

Travel - to broaden myworldview and to have adventures

Food - My ultimate guilty pleasure. Minus the hot-roasted cockroaches.