Daniele Salvatore Albano

I am a software engineer and I love to code!

I had the chance to begin write software while I was youth and the computers were not advanced as nowadays, may be that it seems trivial but let me to say that at that time it was a totally different world.

I begin to write code with *basic, from pure plain basic for vic 20 to qbasic, quickbasic, visual basic 1.0 and pascal for dos, moving successively to visual basic 4 16 bit for Windows 3.11 and Windows NT 3.51 and Visual Basic 4 32 bit for Windows 95.
In that time I learned about Linux, specifically the Redhat v. 5, and I falled in love with it!

Later i started to develop for web using Perl and ASP 3.0 (classic), for a short time, and PHP, using Microsoft Access for ASP and MySQL for Perl and PHP. I never put away Visual Basic completely moving from version 4 to version 6 using it for desktop applications with Microsoft Access support as data backend (sigh).
Only recently i dropped out Visual Basic in favour of Microsoft .NET and C# but this let me to use it on Linux, with mono, and on Android and iPhone with mono for android and monotouch.
I developed Android applications using Java, with low level libraries using JNI, like LazyDroid, an application to remotely control via web browser the phone (purchased by 3CX MDM).

Today I use PHP for web and C# for Desktop/Client applications, but i hope to start to use node.js for work, right now i used it only for small personal projects.

In the past, I worked as Linux System Administrator with Debian, Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and, for personal purposes, I used Sorcerer and Gentoo.

I like eletronics and, for this reason, i spent a lot of my free time to learn about it and about embedded/low level hardware like alix boards, raspberry pi, cubieboard, udoo, arduino, microchip pics and other stuff.

I love new challenges and I am not afraid of working hard and to study to give my best!

"Theory is when we know everything but nothing works. Praxis is when everything works but we do not know why. We always end up by combining theory with praxis: nothing works and we do not know why." (cit. Albert Einstein)