Daigo Fujiwara

A baseball junkie from Japan. Moved to Boston in 1992 & found Red Sox Nation right at home. A front-end web developer at the Harvard Business Review. Print and web media professional since 1996, also worked at Boston Globe/Boston.com, Inc Magazine, Fast Company Magazine and The Christian Science Monitor. Love my job. Founded JapaneseBallPlayers.com in 1999, and founded Baseball Hack Day in 2012. Blogging about baseball at go-redsox.com in Japanese and JapaneseBallPlayers.com blog in English. Tweeting a lot (in Japanese, too!), keeping personal blog, an active member/officer of SABR, love to eat & take photos, hosted baseball podcast, active Aikido-ka, and playing bass with a band.

To find more about me, please go to my blog.