I am an Italian Designer currently based in Rome.

My passion is entrepreneurship. My work is collaboration. I have ideas which I realise through the people I work with hence I am especially careful in selecting them and continually work to improve my process. I enjoy working with professionals whom I can learn from and share my knowledge with, and getting things done for clients who are not afraid of innovating and are willing to let us have a go a their business challenges.

We Are CAN (Collaborative Arts Network) is my brand and platform via which I champion my belief in collaboration. The result of my joint effort is a network of professionals that is highly skilled, who creates new products and services together and a consultancy who can advise business comprehensively.

So far I have taken interest and have collaborated on projects across Web, Video, Interiors, Print & Events in a variety of sectors including architecture, startup, charity, education, hospitality, music & fashion. Besides the specific assets, I can structure and run recruitment campaigns for companies and other studios.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss your project or business.

Love & Collaboration,

Damiano Marchetti