I am an Italian Designer currently based in Rome.

My endeavour is communications and I have delivered projects across Web, Video, Print & Events. As I'm creatively focused I take interest and have collaborated on projects in a variety of sectors including startup, charity, education, hospitality, music & fashion. Besides the specific products, I can structure and run recruitment campaigns for companies and other studios and, occasionally, I lance off my strict promotional focus via collaborating with Graffiti Artists and Interior Designers on special projects.

We Are CAN (Collaborative Arts Network) is my brand and platform via which I champion my belief in collaboration. My work is collaboration. I have ideas which I realise through the people I work with hence I am especially careful in selecting them and continually work to improve my process. I enjoy working with professionals whom I can learn from and share my knowledge with, and getting things done for clients who are not afraid of innovating and are willing to let me take creative control. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have an exciting project you would like to discuss.

Love & Collaboration,
Damiano Marchetti