Dana Gerber

My name is Dana Elizabeth Gerber. I am an Audio Specialist for the Wisconsin Historical Society in the morning, and a Communications Specialist for the UW-Madison General Library System in the afternoon. I digitize, catalog, and solve puzzles in the morning, and I write, connect to staff all around campus, and play with social media in the afternoon. It's a life. :)

I am the founder, producer and host of the podcast Sound of the Archives. I have had the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of positions -- I've been an archives intern for Wisconsin Public Radio, a reference assistant for two different archives (Wisconsin Historical Society and The Bancroft Library), a TA for the School of Library and Information Studies, a digitization volunteer at Circus World Museum, a genealogy marketing specialist for WHS, and other things here and there. Some days, it feels like all my experiences fit together like a puzzle; other days, I am more confused about what I want to be "when I grow up" than ever before.

I'm originally from California; I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Russian and Eastern European History, emphasizing also on historiography. I took a year of Russian and I am far from fluent. I studied abroad in beautiful London for a semester. I am thankful to have had the chance to travel extensively throughout the United States and Europe.

I love stories, and I love the multiple ways they can be told. It goes without saying that I love to read, both fiction and non-fiction. I listen to lots and lots of podcasts daily and find myself saying "I heard on a podcast ..." just as daily. I explore new cities mainly in search of well-crafted food, but also love a good show. I always have my camera with me. I am consistently trying to cook and bake more new and interesting recipes; I am also a vegetarian. I love my bike and to take walks. I have a soft spot for classic fashion and crowns. My fiancé and I adopted two kittens, Oslo and Francesca. Autumn is my favorite season. A long time ago I made a promise myself to always ride a carousel if I happened upon one, and I have kept that promise.

I probably want to know you, so please get in touch!