Dane Sanders is an author, strategist, solopreneur and speaker from Newport Beach, California.

His portfolio can be found here. He's published two books for Random House. He also created the Photographer DNA (pDNA), the Business Stress Test (bST) plus a bunch of other resources for creatives.

Current projects include Fast Track Creative, the Better Together Community, The GO Summit, Converge: The Business of Creativity Podcast and WEAVEWRITER.

Dane has presented at SXSW (impromptu style), Pioneer Nation, What If, WPPI, iUSA, PDN as well international events throughout North & South America, Europe & Asia. He's also lectured at Brooks Institute and as a sponsored speaker for companies like Adobe, Nokia & Random House.

Dane regularly consults with solopreneurs and companies on publishing, communication, strategy, brand identity, leadership, character, culture, change, productivity & digital media.