Daniel Whitt

I am co-founder of Youth Converts Culture, along with my partner, Beth Sanders. I am also an Apple Distinguished Educator.

By day, I am the broadcast journalism teacher at James Clemens High School in Madison, Alabama. I am also a media specialist. My students create and share digital content on a daily basis. Have a look at their online hub: JetStream.

I began my education with a bachelor's degree in English from Ole Miss. After my undergraduate I attended the School of Audio Engineering in New York City and lived there for nearly four years. During my time in New York, I worked in many recording and film studios. I have been credited on many albums, short films, documentaries, and commercials that have gained international appeal. I also worked full-time at The Economist magazine in Manhattan before deciding to move back home to Alabama and pursue education as a career. After gaining a master's degree in Secondary Education, I was hired at Liberty Middle School as a language arts and broadcast journalism teacher. During my time at Liberty Middle School, I headed their iPad initiative and worked tirelessly with the faculty to creatively integrate technology into the classroom.

Aside from my passion for technology, I am a proponent of student voice, global awareness, and access equity. I have directed and facilitated many student-produced films throughout my time in Madison City. One of the most famous films is "I'm Human", a video that has received over 120,000 views on YouTube.

My personal and professional focus is to help youth bridge the gap between technology and humanity.