Daniel Ramamoorthy

I don't like boxes and so don't live my life within the confines of any predisposed stereotypes or expectations. Life is about exploring and stretching boundaries!

I'm the guy who'll spend one weekend white water rafting but the next tickling the ivory keys for the wonderful people at the retirement home. The guy who wears a 3 piece suit to a business consultation one minute and is in squash gear the next. The guy who enjoys the thrill of entertaining the masses from the stage but then is equally content sitting on a beanbag with a hot chocolate and a good book in hand. The guy who dines with royalty one night and is knee-high in mud leading a youth camp the next night. The guy with a 26hour plan for a 24hour day but also the one who'll make time for a friend in need. The guy who is not afraid to learn and be taught but the same guy who confidently leads and mentors.

I'm just that sort of guy.

Current titles include: Founder & CEO of Treehouse, government and startup advisor, consultant to nonprofits, recording artist and musician, radio talk show host, professional voice recording artist, business lecturer and trainer, and entrepreneur.

I'm part of Sandbox, on the Advisory Board for EnterpriseIndia, on the Steering Committee of India Ireland Business Association, member of the Institute of Directors and was recently features in Forbes Romania.

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