Daniel Tutt

Daniel Tutt has worked in the field of interfaith and social justice issues for over 8 years. He is a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the European Graduate School, where he studies continental philosophy, media studies, and psychoanalysis. His dissertation is a theoretical examination of the concept of community in the work of four contemporary philosophers.

He is the Director and Co-Producer of a new documentary film entitled “Insurrections” that explores the philosophy behind recent protest movements from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street.

As the Outreach Director for Unity Productions Foundation, he runs multiple national programs that seek to build greater understanding about Islam and Muslims in America, and address Islamophobia.

His writing has appeared in Common Ground News Service, the Washington Post, the Platypus Review, the International Journal of Žižek Studies, The San Francisco Society for Lacanian Studies, TheThe Poetry Blog, Berfrois and the Huffington Post.

Daniel frequently delivers lectures and presentations on Islamophobia, topics in philosophy, and interfaith issues. He has spoken at venues such as the National Counterterrorism Center, Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon, Georgetown University, and dozens of national and international conferences.

Tutt is a Fellow for the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a nonpartisan think tank that produces research on American Muslims.