Daniel Tutt

Daniel Tutt is a philosopher, filmmaker and interfaith activist. He has lectured at Georgetown University, Duke University, American University, the National Counterterrorism Center, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Justice, the Pentagon, and dozens of national and international conferences. He is the Director and Co-Producer of a new documentary film in the making entitled “Insurrections” that explores the philosophy behind recent protest movements from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street. His writing has appeared in Common Ground News Service, the Washington Post, the Platypus Review, the International Journal of Žižek Studies, The San Francisco Society for Lacanian Studies, TheThe Poetry Blog, Berfrois and the Huffington Post.

A Professor of Media Studies and the Dean of Student Affairs at the Global Center for Advanced Studies, he will be teaching courses on political theory, continental ethics, and introduction to Lacan and psychoanalysis starting in winter 2015. Daniel received his Ph.D. from the European Graduate School, where he studied continental philosophy, media studies and psychoanalysis. His dissertation invokes the concept of community in contemporary continental philosophy through a comparative analysis of four influential thinkers including Alain Badiou (advisor and chair of dissertation), Slavoj Žižek, Ernesto Laclau and Jean-Luc Nancy. He holds a Masters of Arts in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs from American University and he is a Fellow at the nonpartisan think tank, the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, where he researches policy issues related to Islam and Muslims.

As an activist, he works on interfaith dialogue, countering violent extremism and social justice for minority religious communities in America. He has worked with the American Muslim community for nearly a decade and has built several educational and social action projects that seek to counter Islamophobia. He has also produced several media and film projects that have educated a wide mainstream American audience about Islam in America.

As the Director of Outreach and Foundation Relations at Unity Productions Foundation he oversees grant writing and management of a national network of partnering organizations. Daniel is a member of the Lacanian Forum of Washington, DC, a psychoanalytic association and a board member for several religious and academic organizations.