Dan Soha

me: i'm a painter, stand-up comic, car enthusiast, entrepreneurial junkie, and lover of argyle socks

i'm the founder of Five Mill, Inc, Argoz, Inc, Phonio, TurnKey Dentist and a few others.

i'm the owner of the Five Mill Idea Lab: we come up with new businesses, start them, and incubate them. one every 4 - 6 weeks.

I'm the CMO of Phonio.com.

i am the Principal of Five Mill Ventures: an angel fund, of sorts, that invests in entrepreneurs who know that technology is cool but understand that revenue is cooler.

i'm no entrepreneurial mastermind. i'm just a dude that had trouble working for the man, is always thinking, and has been spending every day trying to achieve just a very little bit more and do a little better than the day before.