Darcy Bedortha

advocate, educator, learner, thinker, writer, explorer, listener....

lover of trees, rivers, deserts, oceans, mountains, books, music, conversation and silence

Darcy has always believed that change in public education was necessary; that it must be meaningful, relevant and often different for each individual, and that great things are already happening for students, in a variety of ways and in a variety of places. She holds a Masters in Leadership for Sustainability Education from Portland State University, a TEFL certificate, and is working towards a Masters in Teaching Secondary English at Goddard College. She believes that all young people have a voice, and that our job as adults is to help them find, develop and use it with wisdom, empathy and respect. Passionate about issues of environmental intelligence, social justice, diversity, dignity and youth, she has worked in public education, children's mental health, and with homeless youth. She has served in the non-profit arena addressing issues of poverty and advocating for public education. Darcy teaches High School English and has coached, mentored and advised young people in a variety of extra-curricular projects. She has two fantastic, grown sons of her own who get the credit for why she does what she does.