Alive and well in San Diego, I practice and teach yoga and meditation. Wherever I am, my main focus is people in recovery from addictions. I just released a new book, The Power of Vow (2013), a follow up to the 12-Step Buddhist (2009). These are available on Amazon Kindle and from any independent bookseller. See the 12stepbuddhist.com for articles, podcasts and the local calendar of groups and events. I've just release several new podcasts on iTunes. Trained as a Certified Yoga Teacher through Core Power Yoga, I teach Power Yoga at CRUNCH and 24 Hour Fitness as well as corporations and private lessons. My style is intense and motivational. Here is my teaching schedule. Come take a class! My philosophy on life is to live with Presence. I try to learn from everyone. My job in life is to grow as a person and member of the larger community - then share what I learn. My specialty is integrating ancient knowledge in the modern world in ways that work for our busy modern lives. I'm open to all styles and traditions applicable to problems in the here and now. Some tools that I use to help myself and others: Zen and Tibetan Buddhism Tantrism Hatha Yoga and Tibetan Yantra Yoga Shamanism (Peruvian Munay Ki) Reiki Psychics Psychologists 12-Steps Nutrition Brain Science The past year for me has brought significant change. I'm using the above mentioned tools to help me move in to a new level of self-awareness. Watch, look and listen to some of my daily experiences with nutrition, yoga, life.