Dave Balter

Things I Been Doin':

Founded Balls Productions, Retro-Fit/360Merch (acq.), BzzAgent (acq. by Tesco, PLC), WOMMA, Smarterer and Intelligent.ly.

Previously Global Head of Investments and Member of Global Executive Team of dunnhumby.

Currently CEO @ Smarterer, Venture Partner @ Boston Seed and Venture Advisor @ dunnhumby Ventures.

Authored Grapevine (2005) & The Word of Mouth Manual Vol. II (2008)

Board Member with Proctorcam and Citicenter.org.

Cool Things and Ego Expansion Vehicles (EEVs):

Cover Story NY Times Magazine (2004)

90 Days of BzzAgent (2006)

Bento Box (2007)

Artist in Residence Program (2008)

Humility Imperative (2011)