Dave Malby

Dave Malby is from San Jose, California. In 1975 Dave invented the Pet Rock Training Leash and later that year, the Penny Bracelet. The Penny Bracelet along with other coin novelties were marketed to gift shops including Disneyland, American Museum of Folk Art and Smithsonian Institute.

In 1995 Dave Malby authored the book, "How to Market Your Crafts to Retail Stores" (ISBN 0964812800).

Dave Malby has been a rock and roll / blues musician since 1970. Dave was trained by John Sharkey from Syndicate of Sound. Dave plays piano, organ. accordion and synthesizer. He has performed with famous musicians such as Lydia Pense from Cold Blood, and Pat Simmons from the Doobie Brothers among others.

Dave is currently playing keys with the rock group "Flipside" in Sacramento, CA.

Dave has worked as a radio show host / personality on HotMix106.com and a guest on many radio shows.

In 1995-1998 when he compiled proximity search data (ZipCode USA) for use in "nearest dealer" / store locators. Dave's clients include fortune 500 companies, government agencies, colleges and universities.

In 2008 he invented the CamStand ®, a device used for macro photography.

2012 projects: VCAM ™ , CAMBOT ™, CellMount ™ and CamStand ® PT/RC and founded SacCLG (Sacramento County Landlord Group)

2013 inventions include MegaClaw (tool) The Chameleon ™ (lamp), The Spider (Cell Phone Adaptor) and MCC's ™ (building connectors)

Additionally, teaches welding at Hacker Lab, Sacramento, CA.