David Adams

About.me: By day I'm an solution architect and transformation consultant focusing on social business, enterprise mobility and application enablement. By night I run all things strategy and tech at Solutionsmiths, as well as being El Presidente for the Perth American Expat group. And just to keep it challenging, I have a few smaller projects running on the side, as well as being a co-parent and grom kiteboarder.

I love to create and build value in the places where people and tech collide. It's infinitely interesting, but it also feeds my addiction to seeing ideas come to life.

I'm hooked on collaborative tech, social gamification, application orchestration, human system interaction, coding and everything in-between. Technology can be a powerful force in enriching people's lives, so as a result, I'm crazy about all things digital.

Although I live and breathe technology, I'm ever fascinated by people and the amazing things they do. I'm a naturally curious person, so the bottomless mystery that is humanity keeps me more than entertained.

As for how I do things, I've always had a very sideways way of thinking, one that lends itself to spotting opportunity everywhere. I'm an 'outside the box' thinker, but that could just be because I locked my keys in there.

That's me, but more importantly - who are you?