Rabbi David Pardo

Rabbi Pardo is currently the Director of the Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (JLIC) at Brandeis University, where he caters learning opportunities to a campus of 1600 Jews and serves as rav, posek, and spiritual guide to an engaged Orthodox community of 250 dedicated college students. JLIC is a partnership between Hillel and the Orthodox Union. Find out more on our website.

He was previously the Director of Education and Community Engagement at the House, Toronto's premier centre for young adult education and engagement. Besides teaching, programming, and community collaboration, he got to speak at conferences, write for newspapers, and staff headline trips.

He received his Bachelors from UCLA and smikha from Yeshiva University, with supplementary education from the Isralight Institute and the CJF, as well as following some pretty interesting people around. He's worked and lived in such far flung places such as LA, San Diego, NYC, Long Island, Jerusalem, Alon Shvut, the Old City, Canada, and now Boston.

He loves learning halakha, shut"im, hasidut as well as chassidus, funny aggadetas, meaningful aggadetas, mahshava, mahshevet Yisrael, stam philosophy, and also Israeli parsha sheets if that counts (Shabbat b'Shabbato specifically, if you're wondering).

He also loves biking and drinking some fine tea with his wife and, when his daughters grow up a bit, he'll even share with them.