David Gay

I created this web site to promote my job-search, which has been ongoing since January 2010.

I worked in the Information Technology field for 20 years. I've been searching for full-time employment, and I'm not being fussy by limiting my job search to just I.T. I've applied for positions as a grocery store clerk (Metro and Food Basics), department store associates (Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Future Shop. Home Depot), and even a job which included picking up dog droppings at a park.

I was born in Toronto and lived there for 49 years, but because I've been out of work for too long, I had to move out of the city on November 9th, 2013. I lived in Kitchener for a while, trying hard to get any sort of work, but I've been couch-surfing since April 26th, 2014 between Toronto and Cambridge, seeking employment. As of October 13th, I am borderline homeless, since I only have the odd place to couchsurf. All the other times will be busnapping or taking the odd snooze in the mall or library. Welcome to my version of the Dark Ages.

Please help me if you can. I'm not used to asking for help but I really do need some assistance finding shelter and a job. My contact information (including my blog and a YouTube video series chronicling my job search efforts while I lived in Toronto) are listed on this page.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, and wish me luck!