David Greelish

I'm a Computer Historian, Writer & "The Oldest - Bright Young Star of Comedy!"

Wait just a doggone minute, you're all of that stuff?

Uh . . . well . . . yes, yes I am. I'm also an IT Professional at a great company, but yeah, I have a rich, full life with my family AND all of that other stuff! So:

Computer History - I am a Computer Historian. Really! I've written numerous articles, conducted interviews and produced podcasts. I've even published a book.

Links to my computer history website are below.

Writer - I've done loads of writing, with most of it about computer history, but here is a piece published at time.com that I am particularly proud of:

Is There a Walt Disney–Steve Jobs Connection?
They were more alike than you probably ever imagined.

A link to the article is below.

Comedy - Two of my main focuses are sketch comedy and Mystery Science Theater 3000 style movie riffing, but I love all kinds of comedy. I have now performed with a local comedy troupe.