David "JJ" Jennings

Joyful. Dynamic. Outspoken. Charming. CupCake addict. Lover of Road trips. Patriotic American. MinPin dad. Equal Rights. Assertive. does not like hand shakes - prefers hugs. Being a Tourist. O.I.F Veteran. Cookouts. Reality TV. Fantastic sense of Direction. Loves Big Cites. Zoo's. Family is 1st. Impatience. Politics. Social Media. Pictures. LOUD. the Beach. Evening around a Fire Pit. Opinionated. Margaritas. Aries. Red Velvet. Roller Coaster enthusiast. NEWS. Iced Vanilla Latte. Grilling. Southern Comfort. Bears. iPhone & iPad2. seeing a Movie Opening Weekend. Gambling. Magazines. Old Navy style. & Freedom.