David LaPlante

I’m 4th generation Aspen/Crested Butte native and 3rd generation skier living at Lake Tahoe. My wife and I are raising our boys Logan and Cody to be curious contrarian creative athletic wingnuts and prepared for a world much flatter and weirder than when we grew up.

Translating human development science into marketing strategy and behavior change technology is a hobby-turned-passion. I'm presently channeling this into Chrysallis, a startup which aspires to be the "Netflix for behavior change" and aims to let people "do self-help books" rather than having to read them.

I serve on Noble Studios' advisory board and as an associate of the firm where I contribute my 15+ years experience in digital agency leadership and marketing strategy for brands.

In cahoots with Vail Resorts I throw the annual Tahoe Snowcial -- where the connected snowsports enthusiasts connect. We gather ~200 snow loving technology VIPs and ski industry leaders together for a conference-festival-shredfest-mutliple-all-nighter event at Heavenly every winter.

I enjoy connecting with other snow+rock+ice+bike fanatics as well as parents taking a creative and forward-looking approach to education.