David Paul Baker

I have made three feature films and two short films.

My most recent feature film is a US based horror film "SCREEN" I wrote, produced, and directed this. Before this, I made a gritty military flick called "MISSION X"

I'm currently making a feature length film to set up the premise for my crime web series "CRIME LORD". This will be released via a spring 2015 crowdfund campaign.

The goal is to try and fund season 1 and grow an audience-community around this story universe.

I also acted in my friends US sci-f thriller "CRAWL OR DIE", which is released in the USA and Canda on August 12 2014

My goal is simply to make interesting films and use all the latest technology and web platforms to evolve in this new world. I like to embrace the future, not hold on to the past.

Be you!..The world will adjust!