David Paul Baker

I have made three feature films and two short films.

My most recent feature film is a US based horror film "SCREEN" The feature before that was MISSION X My first movie was an industry funded film called PASTY FACES.

I'm currently in early preproduction with my crime web series "CRIME LORD". I wrote, produced, directed, and played the lead in an episode I shot late last year.

The goal is to shoot a full season before the end of this year. I also acted in my friends US sci-f thriller "CRAWL OR DIE", which is due for release this summer.

I have a day job making promo and corporate videos. Recently set up WEB TV VIDS

My goal is simply to make interesting films and use all the latest technology and web platforms to evolve in this new world. I like to embrace the future, not hold on to the past.

Life is a brief bumpy ride, so I like to learn how to surf the wave in this new world.