David P. Donahue
The Professional Me: I'm a software developer and architect. (Of course, ask 5 developers what an "architect" is and expect to get 5 different answers.) Most of my experience is on .NET development, primarily on web development. I've taken this experience in various enterprise environments to built a career on enterprise development and software architecture as a technical team lead. Lately I've been focusing on career growth through two main avenues: Reading books and attending workshops Writing and presenting workshops I find that the latter makes for a considerably better teaching tool. The former, being more relaxing, is a great way to take a break from the latter. My current career as a consultant is both challenging and rewarding. However, being content in my current position doesn't mean I'm not open to new challenges and opportunities. Lately I've been more interested in entrepreneurship and looking for opportunities for technical leadership in small start-up environments, bringing my experience in the enterprise to those start-ups to prepare their infrastructure for growth. The Personal Me: I'm usually pretty relaxed and laid-back, but retain the right to emit bursts of high energy when the time is right. I enjoy the following things, in no particular order: Going out with friends Travel Revolutionary War Re-enacting Geocaching Entrepreneurship Movies Music Food Sleep Table-top gaming General geekery These days my greatest passions include exploring and career advancement. By "exploring" I usually mean going out to see new places and do new things, usually with at least one of my kids. (Going to different parks and attractions, picking a destination on a map and driving there, etc.) And the "career advancement" part is just to reflect the fact that a lot of my reading and extra-curricular job-related work is done during my spare time, and that it's a significant part of who I am as a person at this stage in my life.