David Quiring

Visual Storyteller
Fuelled by an ever growing passion for visual storytelling, David documents a gamut of life experiences through photography and cinematography. His work is strongly influenced by his travelling adventures through Canada and overseas. He continues to be devoted in this pursuit in both the personal and professional realm.

Yoga Instructor
With a strong personal yoga and meditation practice, David embraces the opportunity to teach yoga and share the lessons from his own journey. Much thanks to the teachers whom, through their generosity of knowledge, he has learned (and continues to learn) so much: Paul and Suzee Grilley, Adrienne Shum, Shivaun Berg, Jonathan Austman, and Stefani Clark.

Computer Scientist
David Quiring graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. His focuses included software engineering and not getting things stuck in his dreads. He succeeded in the former but failed in the latter as can be seen in recent photographs.

-Designer, director of photography, and liquid explorer behind Liquid Meets Solid
-Drummer and meditation leader doing Kirtan with Adrienne Shum