David Swinney

Professionally, I am a Business Development and Social Media Manager for Egowall.com.

Away from work, my passion is photography. I wish I were better at it, but I do believe I'm getting better all the time.

Beyond the obvious (family and friends), I also love:

  • social media - trying out new tools (there are always new tools!), using the best ones to build and strengthen relationships, and speaking about it (just ask!),
  • pop culture - from the important to the inane,
  • sports - especially baseball and basketball,
  • technology in all its forms - especially great mobile apps and gadgets

As proud native of Louisville, Kentucky and alumnus of the University of Louisville, I follow and support the Cardinals from the prairies of Plano, Texas, north of Dallas.

I'm also a Texas Rangers fan and a Dallas Mavericks season ticket holder.

I hope you'll follow me on the social network of your choice via the links below. I love to meet new people.