David van Ballegooijen
⬇︎ Download my resume: bit.ly/resume-davidvb ↺ Previously at Cloud9 IDE, eBuddy, Travix/Easytobook ✪ Passionate about Web & Mobile Experiences, or anywhere that great usability is the big differentiator. ➽ A brief introduction. I love brainstorming and conceptual discussions, disruptive technologies, hi-res gadgets and photography. I aim to deliver high-quality, user-friendly digital products. I enjoy solving complex interaction challenges and minimal effort makes me sneeze. Always hungry for dynamic interfaces and collaborative user-flows, I do love to get into "zone" to create logo's icons & symbols as well. In terms of ui design I strive for simplicity, consistency and self-explanatory interactions. I have years of experience directing other designers, dev teams and other stakeholders in both Lean and Agile environments and I prefer a lean minimalistic team setup(s) to drive efficiency, simplicity & frequent deliveries. ☀︎ I live right next to Amsterdam, in Zaandam (a 20 minute commute), accompanied by my radiant wife and our 2 kids Valentijn (3) & Elise (8m.) ○ User interface & Usability design ○ Conceptual thinking & Brainstorming ○ Customer journey mapping ○ User and usability testing ○ Heuristic evaluation & optimisation ○ Motion design ○ Lean (UX) Evangelist ○ Graphic design & Typography ○ Photograhy