Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman

Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman is an Oak Table Network Member and was an Oracle ACE Director until joining Oracle as the Consulting Member for the Strategic Customer Program, a specialized group of Enterprise Manager specialists. She specializes in environment optimization tuning, automation and creating systems that are robust and enterprise level. Kellyn works almost exclusively on mult-TB size databases, including Exadata and solid state disk solutions and is known for her extensive work with both the Enterprise Manager 12c and its command line interface. Her blog, and social media activity under her handle, DBAKevlar is well respected for her insight and content. She is the co-author on a number of technical books, hosts webinars for ODTUG, OTN and All Things Oracle and has presented at Oracle Open World, HotSos, Collaborate, KSCOPE, along with numerous other US and European conferences. Kellyn is a strong advocate for Women in Technology, (WIT) citing education on topics regarding stereotypes and presenting opportunities early as the path to overcoming challenges.

How DBA Goth Cowgirl came about: "Mid-career, I wasn't receiving as many technical challenges as my male peers. I was explaining to my manager one day that I was frustrated about being mistaken for the end-user/project manager/sales team instead of a high-end techie. My manager looked at me and he said, "then stop DRESSING like one." The next day I painted my fingernails black and in my first meeting, as expected, people made numerous comments about my nails, but also started asking me technical questions. Within a few weeks, I was either wearing combat or cowboy boots and from that point on, I was rarely confused with anything but a high-end techie."