Duke del Prado

Consultant for a major retail company in New York since 2012. Client is migrating to SAP AFS.

Former VP of Technology at Intralinks, a cloud provider in Manhattan, New York.

Technology is my life but I also love sports, food, video games, mountain & road bikes, cars, photography and the stock market.

I was born and raised in the Philippines but have worked in different continents including Asia, Australia, Europe and US. I've worked in Fortune companies including Microsoft, Petroleum Shell, Arthur Andersen and Cathay Pacific.

In 1999, co-founded a software company that developed a treasury software and in mid-2001 was acquired. Today, doing mostly IT consulting and learning other SAP stuff like HANA. From 2005 to 09 was awarded Microsoft MVP for Microsoft's ERP division.

I love technologies that can make me efficient especially when I'm on the go. It doesn't need to be on the cloud to catch my eye.