Danielle Deremo

Social media maven & geek chic extraordinaire, Danielle’s passion for all things digital marketing have brought her to the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Graduating from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Hospitality Administration, Danielle made her way into the Las Vegas Interactive Marketing industry after completing an internship within MGM Grand’s Food & Beverage Marketing department and became the Social Media Specialist for The Mirage Hotel & Casino in 2010. Promoted to their Interactive Marketing Manager, she gained experience in strategizing social media, internet media, marketing plans, mobile applications, web design, and all aspects of digital marketing for a Fortune 100 company.

In 2014, Danielle left the corporate world to bestow social media insight to those in need as a social media consultant for various brands looking to make an impression online. As a consultant, she offers strategic analysis, planning, brand voice establishment, community management and everything in between.

It's not hard to get a hold of such a huge social nerd, just reach out to her from one of the networks below!