Deion McCarter

Deion McCarter is a 17 year old from Cocoa Beach, Florida. Ever since he can remember, he has had a camera in his hand trying to learn every aspect of it. He has had a vast interest in the production of films and TV shows, and often realizes the messages they convey and how they convey them; instead of sitting back and just watching the story unfold. Deion plans to attend college at the University of Utah, and major in Film and Media production. Afterwards, he plans to earn his M.F.A. with a focus in Film Production. He is interested in many different genres of cinematography, but mostly enjoys an in-depth documentary style of work. He strives to make society a better place with his work, and get people thinking and discussing many fragile topics. Deion believes film is more than just something to entertain, it can teach us and make us feel things we didn't even experience in our lifetime. That is the beauty of film... The level of understanding it can bring people, and the barriers it can help knock down.

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