Dena Alspach

With 16 years experience in magazines. media, sales and marketing; and as past publisher of Twin Cities METRO, Minnesota Bride, et al; I was on the front lines as the business of print underwent it's massive upheaval, enthusiastically creating and driving new digital strategies, social media and mobile development.

Calculating and comfortable on the bleeding edge, I'm adept at understanding and articulating pain points and inventing custom solutions based on real client need. I believe the days of the one-dimensional "customer" are long gone and as a publisher, have a unique understanding of what it really means to build an engaged audience.

My work with The Line, a weekly web magazine documenting the creative, economic and philanthropic energy in the Twin Cities, gives me serious big picture satisfaction. With an eye for creative placemaking and innovation; we highlight the influential people, places, projects, and companies that are critical to driving economic growth in Minneapolis and Saint Paul and dive deeply into why it all matters.

The Heavy Table is a regional food magazine written and produced for the (very) passionate foodist. With daily editions M-F we serve up a sophisticated mix of fine dining, street food, ethnic eateries and interesting sources and supplies for cooks. We cover current events; local food; heirloom food; and people at all levels of the food creation, preparation, distribution and consumption chain.

At home I've got two great kids, a rescued black lab, too many books and a houseful of unfinished projects. When I'm able to orchestrate an escape, I'm usually found at one of the many fantastic restaurants in the Twin Cities.