Denice Rochelle

raised urban Seattle
transplanted rural Skagit

Inspired by beaches seas and sunsets, color and animals, salt-of-the-earth people and the honor system, farms and country roads. Bicycle-motorcycle-car-RV: I'm happy when rubber meets road. Binge art doer, sewer, letter writer, reader, tractor fan, mom of dogs cats chickens and ducks. Feelin' 70s funk and roots reggae. Various esoteric spiritual and healing arts interests and intimately caring for the dying and preparing the deceased for their final rest.

Residential Real Estate Broker, I help people sell buy and 1031 exchange property wherever they choose to bloom. Seattle - Skagit - Where You Need Me

DIY Farm AGvocate, visit and learn about everyday people who farm Skagit County

Volunteer -
WSU Skagit Extension Livestock Advisor
Helping Hands Food Bank