Denis Doeland

Independent Professional, Passion for IP / Content / Tech / Internet / Social Media, Rankingz, Trainer, Maven, Disruptor, Blogger, DJ, Producer and what's next?


Denis Doeland (Utrecht, 1971) started his career in the Music (Dance) Industry. Back in 1993 he owned record shop ‘Bad Vibes’. This was actually the place from where the Dutch entertainment and media company ID&T (known from events like Thunderdome, Sensation, Mysteryland, Tomorrowland & Tomorrowworld) initiated their music activities such as the Thunderdome series. Denis joined ID&T in 1993, and has been with them until 2011.

Early 2002, Denis founded his own consultancy company, DDMCA (Denis Doeland Management Consultancy en Advies). DDMCA thesedays assists brands, companies and organisations to apply internet and social business to meet the new expectations of fans, clients, staff members and other involved parties. DDMCA helps give their voice a place in their business and in the internal organisation.

Denis offers his services in the form of, among other things, consultancy, analysis, lectures, valuation, training, social media and internet monitoring. Besides his services Denis wrote several publications such as '' and 'EDM en de Digitale Wereld' and

With a client list like Radio 538, Dance Therapy, Armada Music, Extended Music, Eurosport, 22tracks, B2S, UDC, Art of Dance, Protocol Management, Sorted Management, Nielson Music, 8ball Music, Powerhouse, Amsterdam Dance Event and JunkieXL Denis can already been seen as the expert in the field of leveraging internet, social media and data management.