Des Woodruff

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Des Woodruff is an active entrepreneur best known for pioneering online ventures well ahead of the demand curve. Des is a recognized master at online sales strategies and online business development with strengths in strategic automations.

Des was one of the first adopters to use the internet to facilitate vehicle sales online. Likewise, he also created one of the very first online mortgage processing companies to ever exist. Furthermore, Des was the first-ever stock trader to produce daily stock trading videos for world consumption. When various opportunities presents themselves Des calculates market demand and pushes forward with ideas to meet broad market problems to be solved.

Using his strengths, Des is perfect match to help celebrities re-brand themselves and monetize their fan base. Today, Des is the owner of Bout Management, LLC that works closely with Ken Shamrock, a worldwide recognized MMA fighter who is an inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, Des serves as the President and Founder of, Inc. (FTV) dba Grok Trade and (FOTE). He created the company out of a desire to equip trading aficionados with the education and skills necessary to survive today's market.

Des has nearly two decades of personal live-market trading experience trading privately and institutionally.

Des has personally mentored nearly 1000 individual traders while: 1) contracting with a publicly traded educational company, which fulfilled training for brands such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), and 2) through his own educational firm.

Prior to leaving this specific education company to start FTV, Des was named 2007 'Mentor of the Year' for his successful student following and excellence in trading education. Des also served on this company's curriculum committee for stock trading/mentoring.

Des' successful trading techniques have been published in various national publications.

Des is the host, organizer and featured speaker of one of the nation's largest trading clubs to help beginner investors/traders get started on the right foot.