April burn

Born and Raised in Florida April is an american born Fashion Deigner, bridal, style & beauty Expert,interiorDesigner, SAG/AFTRA Actress, TV Host, Singer, song writer, and Founder of Deshaynior Deign house. She's one of America's Most media, Sought After Style & Bridal Experts Today! She's a regular Featured Guest Expert, On Premier Experts TV Show, and The Brain Tracy TV Show, which Airs on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, She's also one of America's Top Keynote speakers, Author, Her Bold and fearless Style has touched and moved many to believe in theirselfs, she's been called a trail blazer, and inspiration to many. From National Syndicated Radio interviews, To Newspapper features, To being Featured in Ice cream magazine, Banana Fusion Magazine, Tampa Bay Magazine, Today & Tonight Entertainment Magazine, She's also made a few appearnaces on Hollywood's Celebrity JeffreyHenderson Show, she's also Styled some of Hollywood's Biggest movies Stars to R&B Singers, From The Hit TV Show Betty Off her Rockers, The Two Broke Girls, Just to name a few For more information about April's latest! Visit her at www.aprilburn.com or www.wickidpissapublicity.com PR.