Melitza E. Pizarro

I went to an experimental artistic high school in Chile and studied three careers related to ART & COMMUNICATION: Graphic Design, Theater, and Cinematography. I have Knowledge of environment, Sociology, International Marketing, and Comparative Religions...

I am a writer. I have Stories, Scripts, Tv Series, Poetry, Short films, but i haven´t yet published them.

I returned to dancing in 2010. I dance Folklore (Rapa nui- Flamenco- Salsa) & Modern dance I LOVE DANCE ♥

Love cooking, writing, reading, yoga, sports....

Learning to read the “Carta Astral” ♥ (Beginner- Amateur) Awesome & Magic thing.

Right now (2015) trying to make the right decisions ...

I Have been working throughout the last Three Years in the World of International Hospitality and Tourism. I'm finishing 2013 with my travels through South America in the International Tourism Industry: Amazon (Iquitos), Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Punta del Este (Uruguay).... experiences certainly beautiful and magical, more than just Tourism in its true expression, but that I could also understand a little more the meaning of being an AmericanLatina woman

In 2014 giving me a year to Design my online store and Dance. Living and Travel in Peru and Ecuador. Learning a little more of the World of Fashion in Latinoamerica. Right now i design My own Store something to talk about Identity and AmericanLatina Beauty ♥

Now living in San pedro de Atacama before flying to L.A, NY and Hawaii ♥

I am very happy and I always try to take the positive of all life experiences. Life teaches us to be better

OK, enough, goodbye People :p